Sentence Examples

  • Oriental, with the title of Turkish Spy, Lettres chinoises, &c. These productions were usually issued in periodical form, and, besides an immense amount of worthless tittle-tattle, contain some valuable matter.
  • As we cannot without a tittle of evidence accept such a consequence, we conclude that Aristotle formulated the distinction between argumentative and adventitious, artificial and inartificial evidences, both in the Rhetoric to Alexander and in the Rhetoric; and that the former as well as the latter is a genuine work of Aristotle, the founder of the logic of rhetoric.
  • No wonder, then, that the Vatican, confronted by a new Italy, observed The Papacy a passive and expectant attitude, and sanctioned no jot or tittle that could infringe its rights or be Italian interpreted as a renunciation of its temporal sovereignty.
  • It was this spirit which informed such decrees as that on " mixed marriages "' (Ne temere) of 1907, which widened still further the social gulf between Catholics and Protestants (see Marriage: Canon Law), or the refusal to allow the French bishops to accept the Associations Law passed by the French government after the denunciation of the concordat and the separation of Church and State (see France: History) : better that the Church in France should sink into more than apostolic poverty than that a tittle of the rights of the Holy See should be surrendered.
  • In any reform of the Bund, it ran, Prussia, equally with Austria, must have the right of vetoing war; she must be admitted, in the matter of the presidency, to absolute equality with Austria; and, finally, she will yield no tittle of her rights save to a parliament representing the whole German nation.

What's another word for tittle?

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