Sentence Examples

  • Sarah found her self control quickly, and could retract her fangs of her own accord, though Jackson still required verbal cues, and at times physical restraint from Gabriel to stop feeding.
  • It is, therefore, to the general interest that all these matters should be settled pacifically, by a common accord; and hence originated those conventions between the two powers which are known by the significant name of concordat, the official name being pactum concordatum or solemnis conventio.
  • 2, 3) to bring this statement into accord with the usual way of reckoning in the book: the "thirtieth" year, he explains, is the fifth year of the captivity of Jehoiachin.
  • During his concluding years he was not altogether in accord with the political ideas of Hildebrand.
  • 15 The action of Paul and Barnabas at Antioch 16 seems to accord with Presbyterian rather than Congregational polity.

What's another word for accord?

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