Sentence Examples

  • Against this further compliance with Henry's wishes Warham drew up a protest; he likened the action of Henry VIII.
  • In return for this compliance, the emperor delivered over to the pope his troublesome rival Arnold of Brescia, who was burned alive by Nicholas Breakspear, the only English successor of St Peter.
  • His mother, between domestic cares and constant infirmities (which, however, did not prevent an occasional plunge into fashionable dissipation in compliance with her husband's wishes), did but little for him.
  • It was published partly in compliance with his father's wishes, who thought that the proof of some literary talent might introduce him favourably to public notice, and secure the recommendation of his friends for some appointment in connexion with the mission of the English plenipotentiaries to the congress at Augsburg which was at that time in contemplation.
  • In compliance with this request he produced the able Memoire justificatif, composed in French, and delivered to the courts of Europe; and shortly afterwards he received a seat at the Board of Trade and Plantations - little more than a sinecure in itself, but with a very substantial salary of nearly Boo per annum.

What's another word for compliance?

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