Sentence Examples

  • The Cloth of Gold, he joined hands with Suleiman the Magnificent, the conqueror of Mohtics; and the Turkish cavalry, crossing the Hungarian Puszla, made their way as far as Vienna, while the mercenaries of Charles V., under the constable de Bourbon, were reviving the saturnalia of Alaric in the sack of Rome (1527).
  • Even the name of God is not once mentioned, perhaps from a dread of its profanation during the Saturnalia of Purim.
  • The most important of his works is the Saturnalia, containing an account of the discussions held at the house of Vettius Praetextatus (c. 325-385) during the holiday of the Saturnalia.
  • The first book is devoted to an inquiry as to the origin of the Saturnalia and the festivals of Janus, which leads to a history and discussion of the Roman calendar, and to an attempt to derive all forms of worship from that of the sun.
  • Eyssenhardt (1893, Teubner text); on the sources of the Saturnalia see H.

What's another word for Saturnalia?

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