Sentence Examples

  • The liver-fluke (Distomum hepaticum) unlike most Trematodes flourishes in a wide range of hosts and infects man, horse, deer, oxen, sheep, pig, rabbit and kangaroo.
  • He was Luke the Fluke, but you didn't call him that.
  • Occasionally the fluke migrates into the blood vessels and may reach the lungs, kidneys, urethra and bladder.
  • The former fluke is found in Europe, North Africa, Abyssinia, North Asia, South America, Australia and the Hawaiian Islands; the latter in the United States.
  • When that occurs, the cyst is dissolved and the minute fluke works its way down the alimentary canal into some part of which it inserts its suckers and commences to feed on the blood of its host.

What's another word for fluke?

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