Sentence Examples

  • - Automatic Coal Weighing Machi revolve, and as it revolves it carries the large poise along the steel - yard.
  • The shafts revolve in the same or opposite directions, according as the belt is open or crossed.
  • When the link forms part of a mechanism the respective accelerations of two points in the link can be determined by means of the velocity and acceleration diagrams described in 82, it being understood that the motion of one link in the mechanism is prescribed, for instance, in the steam-engines mechanism that the crank shall revolve uniformly.
  • In the actual instrument, the paper diagram is mounted upon a drum caused by clockwork to revolve uniformly, and is ruled with vertical hour lines, and horizontal quantity lines representing gallons per hour.
  • There are also two vertical racks, one at each end of the casing, in connexion with - the two springs, and these actuate pinions on the axle of the drum and cause it to revolve as the springs extend.

What's another word for revolve?

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