Sentence Examples

  • He did not succeed in making the wire or the magnet revolve on its own axis.
  • - Automatic Coal Weighing Machi revolve, and as it revolves it carries the large poise along the steel - yard.
  • It followed that when the gun was elevated or depressed, the rack caused the pinion to revolve, and the sight was thus raised or lowered to the proper height to fulfil the conditions given above; but, as Colonel Watkin said, owing to want of level of platform and other causes it was not satisfactory.
  • Also, if the axis is made to revolve at half the apparent diurnal motion of the stars, the image of the celestial sphere, viewed by reflection from such a moving mirror, will appear at rest at every point - hence the name coelostat applied to the apparatus.
  • The first great fact to be noticed is that the planets revolve around the sun in the same direction.

What's another word for revolve?

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