Sentence Examples

  • I study Arithmetic, English Literature and United States History as I did last winter.
  • When Michael Ivanovich returned to the study with the letter, the old prince, with spectacles on and a shade over his eyes, was sitting at his open bureau with screened candles, holding a paper in his outstretched hand, and in a somewhat dramatic attitude was reading his manuscript-- his "Remarks" as he termed it--which was to be transmitted to the Emperor after his death.
  • Trying to convict her, he told her she had worn him out, had caused his quarrel with his son, had harbored nasty suspicions of him, making it the object of her life to poison his existence, and he drove her from his study telling her that if she did not go away it was all the same to him.
  • He was lifted up, carried to his study, and laid on the very couch he had so feared of late.
  • She went into Prince Andrew's study, trying to enter completely into his ideas, and considered her position.

What's another word for study?

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