Sentence Examples

  • West-Ridgeway, was sent to South Africa to inquire into and report upon various.
  • For convenience, we shall take "Adam" as a symbol for "the first man," and inquire first, what does tradition say of his creation?
  • Table Xxi It is instructive to inquire into the limiting efficiency of an engine consistent with the conditions under which it is working, because in no case can the efficiency of a steam-engine exceed a certain value which depends upon the temperatures at which it receives and rejects heat.
  • The commission was deputed to inquire into and report on certain of the grievances adversely affecting the gold industry.
  • Sir David Barbour, who had presided over a commission to inquire into the concessions granted by the late republic, presented a valuable report in June, and suggested a tax of io% on the profits of the gold mining industry, a suggestion carried out a year later (June 1902).