Sentence Examples

  • Toss up a copper for it as well.
  • The name l'arte magiore, the greater art, is designed to distinguish it from l'arte minore, the lesser art, a term which he applied to the modern arithmetic. His second variant, la regula de la cosa, the rule of the thing or unknown quantity, appears to have been in common use in Italy, and the word cosa was preserved for several centuries in the forms toss or algebra, cossic or algebraic, cossist or algebraist, &c. Other Italian writers termed it the Regula rei et census, the rule of the thing and the product, or the root and the square.
  • If I'm not mistaken, you'll now toss me out.
  • Grab 'em and toss 'em back.
  • And my cousins, and now –" "I can toss you back in bed and wear you out until you calm down," he interrupted.

What's another word for toss?

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