Sentence Examples

  • In another flash of lightning, she saw a form dart from the hallway, around the stunned crowd, towards her.
  • Startled, she watched him dart towards Dusty.
  • Just when she was about to dart away from the door and hide behind any piece of furniture she could find, the footsteps stopped.
  • Rhyn yanked the dart free and looked from it to the small welt forming on his arm.  It matched the welt on his other arm.  He gazed at his other arm for a long moment then strode to Toby's bag.  Snatching it, he unzipped it and dumped its contents onto the ground.  Alongside Toby's 3DS, a pair of clean underwear and socks, and gamers magazine was a small shaving bag.  Rhyn opened it, surprised to find a syringe and two small bottles, one empty and one filled with wine-colored solution.
  • Ully's dart worked a little too well.

What's another word for dart?

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