Sentence Examples

  • I have just returned from my benefactor, and hasten to write down what I have experienced.
  • When he had left for the front, the emperor proceeded with Grouchy to reconnoitre the Prussian position at Gilly; and handing over the command of the right wing to the marshal, whom he ordered to capture Gilly, Napoleon returned to Charleroi, to hasten the passage of the French army across the Sambre and mass it in the gap between the allies.
  • The art of printing had been invented in good time to help and hasten the new movement of men's minds.
  • Napoleon therefore stayed his hand and proceeded to hasten forward the organization, almost the creation, of an army, with which he could confront the coalition.
  • After he became president the action of the king in replacing the expelled fellows with Roman Catholics agitated him to such a degree as to hasten his end; to the priests sent to persuade him on his death-bed to be received into the Roman Church he declared that he " never had been and never would be of that religion," and he died in the communion of the Church of England.