Sentence Examples

  • Fred began eating his cereal, with a serving spoon, a sure sign he wanted to accelerate the process and get on with the day's activities.
  • The proximity of coal-beds now being worked should accelerate the development of the iron deposits, which, on an average, contain 41% of metal.
  • The secretion wets an insect very rapidly, but, so far as is known, seems to be completely destitute of digestive power - indeed, rather to accelerate decomposition.
  • The law, however, enabled provinces most heavily burdened by land tax to accelerate their portion of the survey, and to profit by the reassessment of the tax on the new basis.
  • In April 1897, it is true, when the Greeks provoked a war with Turkey, they received no support from St Petersburg, but at the close of the war the tsar showed himself more friendly to them; and afterwards, when it proved extremely difficult to find a suitable person as governor-general of Crete (see Crete), he recommended the appointment of his cousin, Prince George of Greece - a selection which was pretty sure to accelerate the union of the island with the Hellenic kingdom.

What's another word for accelerate?

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