Sentence Examples

  • "You must defer to him in my absence as you do me," he reminded her.
  • Hilden might defer to him in her absence, but Taran knew where the loyalty of most of the men lay.
  • Because he was obliged by illness to defer his undertaking; and thus the spiritual power declared war upon its rival.
  • The base murder of Abner by Joab did not long defer the inevitable issue of events.
  • Charles Greville in his Memoirs says, "In the present cabinet are five or six first-rate men of equal, or nearly equal, pretensions, none of them likely to acknowledge the superiority or defer to the opinions of any other, and every one of these five or six considering himself abler and more important than their premier"; and Sir James Graham wrote, "It is a powerful team, but it will require good driving."

What's another word for defer?

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