Sentence Examples

  • The sacrifices and offerings were acknowledgments of divine bounty and means used to insure its continuance; the Arab was the " slave " of his god and paid him tribute, as slaves used to do to their masters, or subjects to their lords; and the free Bedouin, trained in the solitude of the desert to habits of absolute self-reliance, knew no master except his god, and acknowledged no other will before which his own should bend.
  • This led to the erection of safeguards, which should prevent the continuance of the unseemly conditions (on Paul's action in the matter, see McGiffert's Apostolic Age, p. 52 3).
  • His aim, he tells us, had been to maintain the distinct continuance of the two natures of Christ when united through the Incarnation into one Person.
  • Before hibernating the adults grow very fat, and it is by the gradual consumption of this fat - known in commerce as bear's grease - that such vital action as is necessary to the continuance of life is sustained.
  • From the very nature of Ultramontanism, and from the important position to which it has attained, that the official organs of the Church and all the people interested in the continuance of the actual state of affairs deny that it exists at all as an independent tendency, and seek to identify it with any proper interpretation of Roman Catholicism.

What's another word for continuance?

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