Sentence Examples

  • Hence the Persistence of Force is the ultimate basis of knowledge.
  • With persistence, the medical volunteers doggedly worked to find a solution to the family's health crisis.
  • If both vibrate, the point describes a curve which appears continuous through the persistence of the retinal impression.
  • The definiteness and persistence of this creed, which of course is the strength also of Mahommedanism, presents a contrast to the fluid character of the statements in the Vedas, and to the chaos of conflicting opinions of philosophers among the Greeks and Romans.
  • There are also traces of the persistence of descent in the female line, especially in the case of the Pictish royal family, but such survivals of savage institutions, or such a modification of male descent for the purpose of ensuring the purity of the royal blood, yield no firm ground for a decision as to whether the Picts were " Aryans " or " non-Aryans."