Sentence Examples

  • English local tradition placed Wayland Smith's forge in a cave close to the White Horse in Berkshire.
  • Thomas Bunyan had a forge and workshop at Elstow.
  • Returning in June 1678 to Tonge, he set himself to forge a plot by piecing together things true and false, or true facts falsely interpreted, and by inventing treasonable letters and accounts of preparations for military action.
  • He seems to have gone next to to Paris, staying perhaps with Etienne de la Forge, a Protestant merchant who suffered for his faith in February 1 53 5.
  • In 1893 the state of Pennsylvania created a commission of ten members, which (with $365,000 appropriated up to 1911) bought about 475 acres (in Chester and Montgomery counties) of the original camp ground, now known as the Valley Forge Park, preserved Washington's headquarters (built in about the year 1758) and other historic buildings, and reproduced several bake-ovens and huts of the kind used by the army.