Sentence Examples

  • Sackler and DeLeo were packing up, off to follow a lead on the whereabouts of a forger of Social Security checks who had been working overtime in recent months.
  • The Sword- sword being regarded as the soul of the samurai, making every one who contributed to its manufacture, Families, whether as forger of the blade or sculptor of the furniture, was held in high repute.
  • Abounds in matter spoken by Mary and Darnley which could not be borrowed by the hypothetical forger from Crawford's Declaration, for it does not contain the facts.
  • These facts, again, in Letter II., are worthless to a forger, because they concern matters never alluded to in any of the records; never employed in any indictment (though Lennox's are copious in private talk between Darnley and Mary, "reports of her servants"), and totally useless for the purposes of the accusers.
  • Is it credible that a forger, using Crawford's Declaration, which is silent as to Mary's brother at Stirling, should have superfluously added what is not to any purpose¬†?

What's another word for forger?

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