Sentence Examples

  • The two boys were there, busily working with hammer and saw.
  • By the recovery of Scania Valdemar had become the lord of the great herring-fishery market held every autumn from St Bartholomew's day (24th of August) to St Denis's day (9th of October) on the hammer-shaped peninsula projecting from the S.W.
  • The papal state was surrounded on every side by German soldiers, and but for the premature death of the emperor, whom Abbot Joachim of Floris called the " hammer of the world," the temporal power of the popes might perhaps have been annihilated.
  • To test the purity of the metal the tin-smelter heats the bars to a certain temperature just below the fusing point, and then strikes them with a hammer or lets them fall on a stone floor from a given height.
  • They are subject to considerable internal strain, as is shown by the fact that when struck with a hammer or sliced with a lapidary's saw they often burst into fragments.

What's another word for hammer?

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