Sentence Examples

  • Adolescent boys also experience a major growth spurt that demands more iron; iron stores are worn thin especially when healthy red cell function is needed for adequate oxygenation of exercising muscles and developing organs.
  • If your daughter's in the middle of a growth spurt, you may even need to consider setting aside money to purchase a second swimsuit in the middle of the summer, just in case she outgrows her first suit.
  • Whether your stretch marks came as a result of a growth spurt in your adolescence or from the miraculous journey of pregnancy, chances are good you've wondered how to minimize their appearance.
  • Early adolescence in particular is a time of increased nutritional requirements for girls, who experience their greatest growth spurt at this time and also begin menstruating.
  • In both sexes, a rise in growth hormone produces the adolescent growth spurt, the pronounced increase in height and weight that marks the first half of puberty.