Sentence Examples

  • Chloeia or Chloia, the festival of the corn beginning to sprout, held at Eleusis in the early spring (Anthesterion) in honour of Demeter Chloe, " the green," the goddess of growing vegetation.
  • 6 The latest explanation of Joskeha is " dear little sprout," and of Tawiscara, " the ice-one," while Aataentsic becomes " she of the swarthy body."
  • Jeremiah again speaks of the future David or righteous sprout of David's stem (xxiii.
  • The bleached rhubarb, which has a very delicate flavour, is altered by covering the young leaves, as they sprout from the soil, with loose stones or an empty jar.
  • Of mould, and then hooped and protected with mats and straw, under which conditions they will sprout in about a month.

What's another word for sprout?

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