Sentence Examples

  • She began to think she'd misunderstood the pictures when a green sprout appeared at the center of the fountain.
  • Later, thinking back, he realized it was on that one-hour bike trip the first few seeds of comprehension began to sprout something besides weeds in the garden of his mind.
  • Chloeia or Chloia, the festival of the corn beginning to sprout, held at Eleusis in the early spring (Anthesterion) in honour of Demeter Chloe, " the green," the goddess of growing vegetation.
  • 6 The latest explanation of Joskeha is " dear little sprout," and of Tawiscara, " the ice-one," while Aataentsic becomes " she of the swarthy body."
  • Of Boston, is served by the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad and by electric lines connecting with Taunton, Boston, New Bedford and Cape Cod, and has a townhouse, a soldiers' monument, and a public library housed in a building erected from a fund (part of which is used as a permanent endowment) bequeathed by Thomas Sprout Peirce (1823-1901), a merchant of the township, who, in addition, bequeathed about $500,000 as a special trust-fund for the use and benefit of the town of Middleboro; the income has been spent largely in the construction of macadam roads, the erection of an almshouse and the installation of special courses in the high school.

What's another word for sprout?

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