Sentence Examples

  • Couple these trends with the advent of things like the Pet Channel, Animal Planet and the many other animal awareness programs that proliferate our communities, and it suggests that pet pampering is here to stay.
  • The Marthatown's people undertake an exploration of their surrounding area, encountering a group of patriarchal polygamists not unlike the sects that still proliferate in Utah and Arizona today.
  • Determining the limits of moral behavior becomes increasingly difficult as human capabilities, choices, and responsibilities proliferate with advances in technology and scientific knowledge.
  • The Mario, Zelda, Mega Man and other franchises continued to proliferate, as well as a wide range of other hugely popular games that introduced us to Fox McCloud, Kirby, and Earthworm Jim.
  • Other strains are neutral and/or harmful, but can become seriously harmful to the body when allowed to proliferate into greater quantities that exceed the probiotic population.