Sentence Examples

  • I can't jam much more in my shopping cart but if they had any interesting costumes, I might be able to dress up and attract more attention— generate a little more cash flow for the balance of the big trip.
  • We're building a bigger battery to store the energy we generate from the river, but … Kelli shrugged.
  • To him has also been ascribed the work, La generate et fidele Relation de tout ce qui s'est passe en l'isle de Re, envoyee par le roi a la royne sa mere (Paris, 1627).
  • Since one horse was capable of doing the work required, Rumford remarked that one horse can generate heat as rapidly as nine wax candles burning in the ordinary manner.
  • Cecidia and Galls.Khstcr, Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Gallenanatomie, Flora (I900), p. 117; Pathologische Pflanzenanatomie (1903); Molliard, Revue generate de bat.

What's another word for generate?

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