Sentence Examples

  • In this manner the field plates accumulate charges of opposite sign.
  • Of the total sum, $200,000 was to accumulate until it became $400,000.
  • In the dropsy of cardiac disease, owing to the deficient oxidation from stagnation of blood, metabolic products must accumulate in the tissues; also lymph return must be impeded by the increased pressure in the veins and so dropsy results (Wells).
  • When a number of such characters accumulate, we further honour them by assigning a new generic name.
  • Where the water does not accumulate very rapidly it is a common practice to allow it to collect in a pit or sump below the working bottom of the shaft, and to draw it off in a water tub or" hoppet "by the main engine, when the latter is not employed in raising coal.

What's another word for accumulate?

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