Sentence Examples

  • - Head (capitulum)of Marigold (Calendula), showing a congeries of flowers, enclosed by rows of bracts, i, at the base, which are collectively called an involucre.
  • The name given to it signifies merely that in that congeries of fragments the particular "seed" is preponderant.
  • 2 All the time-worn fables and conjectures regarding the composition of the Milky Way were at once dissipated by the simple statement that to the eye, reinforced by the telescope, it appeared as a congeries of lesser stars, while the great nebulae were equally declared to be resolvable into similar elements.
  • To the savage, and apparently to men more backward than the most backward peoples we know, all nature was a congeries of animated personalities.
  • In the sub-provinces under the lieutenant-governor of Bengal dwell a great congeries of peoples, of widely diverse origin, speaking different languages and representing far separated eras of civilization.

What's another word for congeries?

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