Sentence Examples

  • Apiarium or apiary, a beehouse or hive, is used figuratively by old writers for a place of industry, e.g.
  • Nor was a connexion immediately detected between them and the objects found four years later in a tomb at Menidi in Attica and a rock-cut "bee-hive" grave near the Argive Heraeum.
  • In the later period a peculiar "bee-hive" tomb became common, sometimes wholly or partly excavated, sometimes (as in the magnificent Mycenaean "Treasuries") constructed domewise.
  • (4) A type of tomb, the dome or "bee-hive," of which the grandest examples known are at Mycenae.
  • - Jaws of Hive-bee (Apis mellifica).

What's another word for hive?

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