Sentence Examples

  • Each bud produced FIG.
  • As medusae are known to bud medusae from the radial canals there is nothing impossible in Aliman's theory, but it cannot be said to have; received satisfactory proof.
  • And, lastly, if the bud m, Manubrium.
  • It is marked by the formation in the bud of a characteristic structure termed the entocodon (Knospenkern, Glockenkern).
  • I., II., III., vomitories) the imaginal disks are to all the three thoracic segments appearance completely separated from of the larva; I, 2, 3, buds the hypodermis, with which they are, of the legs of the imago; la, however, really organically connected bud of head-lobes; f, of by strings or pedicels.