Sentence Examples

  • Fred and his juvenile helpers had located a picture of Reverend Martin and his wife in an old museum collection of early Ouray papers and photos.
  • By Wednesday afternoon the matter was set­tled and the disposition of the case was in the hands of Bobby Witherspoon, the assistant DA, and the juvenile court system.
  • Uh-huh, and there weren't so many juvenile delinquents then either.
  • The result was the reduction of punishment both in quantity and in severity, the improvement of the prison system, and the first attempts to study the psychology of crime and to distinguish between classes of criminals with a view to their improvement (see Crime; Prison; Children'S Courts; Juvenile Offenders).
  • There are also reformatory establishments for juvenile offenders, and ddpDts de stireU for prisoners who are travelling, at places where there are no other prisons.

What's another word for juvenile?

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