Sentence Examples

  • As a student, his elderly appearance gained him the title " Old man," but he took part in the walks, beer-drinking and love-making of his fellows.
  • The beard is frequently dyed with henna and indigo for much the same reasons as in Europe by elderly men; this is entirely optional.
  • The foregoing rules are now only observed by the ultra-orthodox, such as the Wahabi sect and by ulemas, or learned elderly men.
  • The anga is now considered old-fashioned, and is chiefly worn by elderly men or religious persons.
  • It must always be employed with caution in the case of elderly persons and children; and it must not be applied to a paralysed limb (in which the power of healing is deficient), nor to parts upon which the patient lies, as otherwise a bed-sore is likely to follow its use.

What's another word for elderly?

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