Sentence Examples

  • Did the room actually have a magical strength, or was it simply a childish fantasy?
  • History There is something almost pathetic in the childish wonder and delight with which mankind in its earlier phases of civilization gathered up and treasured stories of strange animals from distant lands or deep seas, such as are recorded in the Physiologus, in Albertus Magnus, and even at the present day in the popular treatises of Japan and China.
  • He tried to say, "That's capital; of course she'll forget her childish promises and accept the offer," but before he had time to say it Natasha began again.
  • Flechier, in his account of the Grands Jours at Clermont many years after, speaks of a "belle savante" in whose company Pascal had frequently been - a trivial mention on which, as on many other trivial points of scantily known lives, the most childish structures of comment and conjecture have been based.
  • I believe in the future I describe not out of a childish wish, but because it seems the obvious and natural progression of history.

What's another word for childish?

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