Sentence Examples

  • Maybe we're acting precipitously; as foolish as a kindergartener doing tumble saults.
  • In spite of such a foolish ending, his funeral was that of a martyr, and by many of his adherents he has been regarded since with feelings almost of religious devotion.
  • He is succeeded by a foolish shepherd, who neglects his flock and lets it go to ruin.
  • In return for the foolish provocation of war in 146 B.C. the Roman conquerors despoiled Corinth of its art treasures and destroyed the entire settlement: the land was partly made over to Sicyon and partly became public domain.
  • A foolish attempt was made to claim his retreat as a victory, but the allies were too severely damaged to attempt an attack on the Dutch during the rest of the year.

What's another word for foolish?

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