Sentence Examples

  • He watched closely, appearing amused and cautious, like a husband watching his wife learn to box.
  • For the conflicts which accompanied the first intrusion of philosophy into the theological domain more profound and cautious thinkers with a far ampler apparatus of knowledge had substituted a harmony.
  • These did not interfere with the general lines of Atkinson's strong and cautious finance, though the first of them was the abolition of his direct tax upon all property, personal as well as real, and the substitution therefor of a landtax of id.
  • Her methods were those of her cautious younger son, Leopold II., and not of her eldest son and immediate successor, Joseph II.
  • 20, it is well to obey kings and to be cautious in speaking about them, for there are talebearers everywhere; vii.

What's another word for cautious?

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