Sentence Examples

  • She misled even Zeus to take a hasty oath, whereby Heracles became subject to Eurystheus.
  • It's in the Emperor's service... it can't be helped... one is sometimes a bit hasty on parade...
  • Regarded merely as a criticism of the notions with which scientific interpretation proceeds, these writings have still importance and might have achieved more had they been untainted by the tendency to hasty, ill-considered, a priori anticipations of nature.
  • Sending, therefore, hasty orders to the 5th and 6th cavalry divisions to concentrate to the west of Marsla-Tour, the prince ordered them from there to sweep round on the right rear of the French army.
  • And thus the hasty pamphlet of a half-educated Gothic monk has been forced into prominence, almost into rivalry with the finished productions of the great writers of classical antiquity.

What's another word for hasty?

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