Sentence Examples

  • Each was a father to three kids, aged between tot and teenager.
  • ANNO, or [[Hanno, Saint]] (c. TOT 0-1 075),archbishop of Cologne, belonged to a Swabian family, and was educated at Bamberg.
  • Q,,) tobe generated instantaneously from rest by the action of suitable impulsive forces, we find on integrating (II) with respect tot over the infinitely short duration of the impulse ~-=Q.
  • Car tot lo mon sap, quel papa no es negun et que el fa tot go ques vol del papa et de la esglea."
  • Working on these lines, and attaching special importance to common descent, naturalists applied the term with more and more precision, until Linnaeus, in his Philosophia botanica, gave the aphorism, "species tot sunt diversae, quot diversae formae ab initio sunt creatae" - "just so many species are to be reckoned as there were forms created at the beginning."

What's another word for tot?

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