Sentence Examples

  • "It's very nice of you," she said with an unladylike snort that made him grimace.
  • In an attempt to calm his wife's progressive nervousness, and because he too felt like a snort, Dean broke out a jug of left over Christmas cheer.
  • Fred, who had been taking it all in, gave a snort of laughter.
  • So, with a snort and a neigh and a whisk of his short tail he trotted off the roof into the air and at once began floating downward to the street.
  • I felt the bursting cotton-bolls and fingered their soft fiber and fuzzy seeds; I felt the low soughing of the wind through the cornstalks, the silky rustling of the long leaves, and the indignant snort of my pony, as we caught him in the pasture and put the bit in his mouth--ah me! how well I remember the spicy, clovery smell of his breath!

What's another word for snort?

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