Sentence Examples

  • Napoleon rode on, dreaming of the Moscow that so appealed to his imagination, and "the bird restored to its native fields" galloped to our outposts, inventing on the way all that had not taken place but that he meant to relate to his comrades.
  • The regiment fluttered like a bird preening its plumage and became motionless.
  • I'll call him 'SB,' for 'Song Bird' instead of 'BS' for 'Bird Song.'
  • At once a little girl rose from her seat and walked to the door of the car, carrying a wicker suit-case in one hand and a round bird-cage covered up with newspapers in the other, while a parasol was tucked under her arm.
  • While he was pleased that Bird Song was starting the day on a pleasant note, the knot in his stomach remained to remind him of their pending trip to the mine.

What's another word for bird?

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