Sentence Examples

  • In fact, shortly after opening the cyber doors to Sowhatif, the fledgling company was inundated with requests for information on where to locate plus size formal dresses appropriate for prom and other special occasions.
  • Stifling your child's imaginative processes can quench her fledgling spirit, so it's time to brush aside any adult cynicism and explore the world of extravagant girls' princess dresses!
  • An overreaction, says Joe, an aspiring musician, who claims he and K-Fed were only taking a moment to comparing notes on their fledgling music careers (oh, to be a fly on the wall…).
  • Despite the fact that SEO centered on nearby locations represents fledgling technology, the benefits of these packages are already proven in a wide variety of business models.
  • If children do indeed learn by example, their fledgling characters will grow by leaps and bounds when they witness mutual respect between the important people in their lives.

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