Sentence Examples

  • His novitiate was marked by a fervour of humility.
  • Selmi in 1864 proves that he was at this time so far attracted towards a religious life as to have joined the novitiate; but his father, who had other designs for him, seized the opportunity of an attack of ophthalmia to withdraw him permanently from the care of the monks.
  • His earliest extant performances, in considerable number, are at Cortona, whither he was sent during his novitiate, and here apparently he spent all the opening years of his monastic life.
  • Membership of the corps is gained after a somewhat trying novitiate, but is the only passport to the various social and sports societies.
  • A novitiate had to be passed, and young boys were to be educated in the monastery, but were not expected to become monks.

What's another word for novitiate?

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