Sentence Examples

  • Immortal Code, Rule 973: An Immortal mate of human origin is marked with its Immortal's name so that other Immortals know to protect and welcome the human into the Immortal society.
  • These doctrines of Lotze - though pronounced with the distinct and reiterated reserve that they did not contain a solution of the philosophical question regarding the nature, origin, or deeper meaning of this all-pervading mechanism, neither an explanation how the action of external things on each other takes place nor yet of the relation of mind and body, that they were merely a preliminary formula of practical scientific value, itself requiring a deeper interpretation - these doctrines were nevertheless by many considered to be the last word of the philosopher who, denouncing the reveries of Schelling or the idealistic theories of Hegel, established the science of life and mind on the same basis as that of material things.
  • Thus these three substances, unlike in appearance and origin, are composed of the, same ingredients: if small variations in the combining ratio of the components were possible, we might expect to find them in such a case as this.
  • He belonged to a noble family of Scotch descent, tracing its origin to Walter Stutt, who in 1420 accompanied the earls of Buchan and Douglas to the court of France, and whose family afterwards rose to be counts of Tracy.
  • Vico raised the problem to a higher plane, by tracing the origin of law in the human mind and explaining the historical changes of the one by those of the other.

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