Sentence Examples

  • Set out from here for Nottingham in 1642 at the outset of the Civil War.
  • From the outset the prefect of Rome recognized the claims of Damasus, and exerted himself to support him.
  • He watched with interest the Prussian military preparations, and, at the invitation of Count Haugwitz, he went at the outset of the campaign to the Prussian headquarters at Erfurt, where he drafted the king's proclamation and his letter to Napoleon.
  • Of Metternich, Stadion's successor, he had at the outset no high opinion, and it was not till 1812 that there sprang up between the two men the close relations that were to ripen into life-long friendship. But when Gentz returned to Vienna as Metternich's adviser and henchman, he was no longer the fiery patriot who had sympathized and corresponded with Stein in the darkest days of German depression and in fiery periods called upon all Europe to free itself from foreign rule.
  • The Allies had foreseen from the outset that land forces would have to be brought into play sooner or later in their campaign in this region.

What's another word for outset?

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