Sentence Examples

  • "She's a hybrid," Iliana said, realization dawning on her face.
  • So far only is it possible to speak with certainty, but it is permissible to take a few steps into the twilight of dawning knowledge and indicate the chief subdivisions which are likely to be established in the great crust-hollow and the great crust-heap. The boundary between these should obviously be the mean surface of the sphere.
  • The sound of the heavy firing coming from the eastward convinced him of what had been gradually dawning on him - that with barely 30,000 men he was in the presence of the whole French army, whose attitude at this moment sufficiently indicated their determination to fight.
  • Now Ithaca lies low, farthest up the sea line towards the darkness.
  • We wait, however, for the Epistles of his captivity at Rome to find the full meaning of the idea of the church dawning u p on his imagination.

What's another word for dawning?

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