Sentence Examples

  • She gazed up at him, her heart beginning to flutter.
  • Tushin's companion officer had been killed at the beginning of the engagement and within an hour seventeen of the forty men of the guns' crews had been disabled, but the artillerymen were still as merry and lively as ever.
  • I've been asking a lot of questions of my old network pals and some of them are beginning to wonder why I'm so interested in crime when they think a retiree should be out fishing or chasing a little white ball.
  • Whether it was the panic in my voice or my description of the facts, Jackson was beginning to realize the seriousness of what might be happening in his jurisdiction.
  • He called to muster everyone in ear shot to inaugurate a building to building search, beginning in a ten mile radius of the abandoned van.

What's another word for beginning?

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