Sentence Examples

  • For introductory matter the student will do well to consult the Dictionary of the Bible (ed.
  • In the introductory letter he criticized Gladstone's pronouncement on the subject, and especially examined the allegation of a general tendency towards disestablishment in the civilized world at large, and arrived at a negative conclusion.
  • On the present occasion it was evidently regarded as quite a formal and introductory matter, and the same remark applies to the general grant of liberties to all freemen and their heirs, with which the chapter concludes.
  • Following the advice of his friends, he began to write out, towards the end of his life, his lectures on archaeology, but only the introductory chapters, up to the 11th century, were found among his papers.
  • Relatively popular accounts of the most important sources are supplied in the introductory chapters of Sabatier's Vie de S.

What's another word for introductory?

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