Sentence Examples

  • In some varieties, as the Guayaquil and Mexican, the whole plant, including the rootstock, is pulled up.
  • Many species spread by means of a creeping much-branched rootstock, or as in house-leek, by runners which perish after producing a terminal leaf-rosette.
  • It has a fleshy rootstock, creeping beneath the surface of the soil and sending up luxuriant tufts of narrow, swordshaped leaves, from 4 to 8 ft.
  • Sometimes there is attached to the rootstock a portion of stem, which is round and not prickly, differing in these respects from that of Smilax officinalis, which is square and prickly.
  • The underground stem or rootstock (rhizome) of perennial grasses is usually well developed, and often forms very FIG.