Sentence Examples

  • Sues where Hittite remains pave beer discovered are shown thus - Boghaz Keul 1 after a name implies doubt as to real provenance of the remalrts or their llittite character.
  • Edmund Naumann was the discoverer of these facts, and his attention was first drawn to them by learning that an edible sea-weed, which flourishes only in salt water, is called Asakusanon, from the place (Asakusa) of its original provenance, which now lies some 3 m.
  • The allusions of early writers seem to point to Egypt, but their references are mostly to the first part, so that we must be careful how we argue from them as to the provenance of the book as a whole.
  • [The question of the provenance of K and B may best be studied in J.
  • Whatever view be taken of the provenance of Codex Vaticanus it is plain that its archetype had the Pauline epistles in a peculiar order which is only found in Egypt, and so far no one has been able to discover any non-Alexandrian writer who used the Neutral text.

What's another word for provenance?

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