Sentence Examples

  • It affords a point of departure for the interpretation of the genesis of existing instincts.
  • The problem of the genesis of mind is practically solved by identifying the soul, 1 This is brought out by F.
  • The system of Plotinus, Zellar remarks, is not strictly speaking one of emanation, since there is no communication of the divine essence to the created world; yet it resembles emanation inasmuch as the genesis of the world is conceived as a necessary physical effect, and not as the result of volition.
  • It contains in fact the history itself in two forms: (a) from the creation of man to the fall of Judah (Genesis-2 Kings), which is supplemented and continued further - (b) to the foundation of Judaism in the 5th century B.C. (Chronicles - Ezra-Nehemiah).
  • Now blood was everywhere in antiquity associated with life, and the biblical passage, Genesis ix.

What's another word for genesis?

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