Sentence Examples

  • The condemnation precipitated an exodus to Rome.
  • A considerable portion of the Turkish population emigrated in 1881; a further exodus took place in 1898.
  • PASSOVER, a Hebrew spring festival, celebrated by the Jews in commemoration of the exodus from Egypt by a family feast in the home on the first evening, and by abstaining from leaven during the seven days of the feast.
  • 4 It is hardly possible to doubt that in the original form of the rite described in Exodus the blood offering was made to the plague demon (" the destroyer ") and possessed over him a magic power of arrest.
  • It is also recognized by many scholars that in the present account of the exodus there are indications of the original prominence of traditions of Kadesh, and also of a journey northwards in which Caleb, Kenites and others took part (§ 5).

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