Sentence Examples

  • We must learn to issue from ourselves, transport ourselves back to other times, and become children again in order to comprehend the infancy of the human race.
  • The cap has a narrow dependent margin or frill, as shown at G, and in section at x; this dependent frill originates in the rupture of a delicate continuous wrapper, which in the infancy of the mushroom entirely wraps the young plant; it is shown in its continuous state at j, and at the moment of rupture at K.
  • She bore him two children, of whom one died in infancy at Murshidabad, and was shortly followed to the grave by her mother.
  • His parents dying during his infancy, he was brought up by his uncle, Sir Isaac Tillard.
  • Until 1507 she had no children; between that date and 1510 two sons and a daughter were born, all of whom died in infancy; in 1512 she gave birth to a son who succeeded his father as James V.; in 1514 she bore a posthumous son, Alexander, created duke of Ross, who died in the following year.

What's another word for infancy?

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