Sentence Examples

  • The waxes can be classified similarly to the oils and fats as follows: - The table enumerates the most important waxes: - Waxes There are only two liquid waxes known, sperm oil and arctic sperm oil (bottlenose-whale oil), formerly always classed together with the animal oils.
  • The liquid waxes occur in the blubber of the sperm whale, and in the head cavities of those whales which yield spermaceti; this latter is obtained by cooling the crude oil obtained from the head cavities.
  • Thus Japan wax is a glyceride and should be more correctly termed Japan tallow, whereas sperm oil is, chemically speaking, a wax.
  • The most important whale-oil is sperm or spermaceti oil, yielded by the sperm-whales.
  • Sperm-oil is obtained from the cavity in the head of the sperm-whale, and from several smaller receptacles throughout the body of the animal.

What's another word for sperm?

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