Sentence Examples

  • Spermatheca or receptacle of the sperm in copulation, opening into the female duct.
  • The gametophyte or prothallial generation is thus extremely reduced, consisting of but little more than the male and female sexual cells - the two sperm-cells in the pollen-tube and the egg-cell (with the synergidae) in the embryo-sac. At the period of fertilization the embryo-sac lies in close proximity tube has penetrated, the separating cell-wall becomes absorbed, and the male or sperm-cells are ejected into the embryosac. Guided by the synergidae one male-cell passes into the oosphere with which it fuses, the two nuclei uniting, while the other fuses with the definitive nucleus, or, as it is also called, the endosperm nucleus.
  • I would insist the father be nothing but a sperm donor.
  • Sperm sacs generally occupying a good many segments and with simple interior undivided by a network of trabeculae.
  • There is no possibility that sperm and ova can escape by these tubes not in company with coelomic fluid.

What's another word for sperm?

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