Sentence Examples

  • Which reminds me, you've got a ten o'clock today with your producer to plan out shooting for the next season, Ingrid said.
  • About 1879 he began experiments in the economical utilization of fuel, and his efforts led him to the system of making producer-gas, known by his name (see GAS: II.
  • This was the first of the many rich discoveries in the same district which have made Western Australia the chief gold-producer of the Australian group. In 1907 there were eighteen goldfields in the state, and it was estimated that over 30,000 miners were actively engaged in the search for gold.
  • Tasmania is a gold producer to the extent of about 70,000 or 80,000 oz.
  • As a producer of iron Russia nevertheless runs France neck and neck for the fourth place amongst the iron-producing countries of the world, her annual output having increased from 1,004,800 metric tons in 1891 to 2,808,000 in 1901 and to 2,900,000 in 1904.

What's another word for producer?

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