Sentence Examples

  • As a manufacturer of shovels, in association with his father and his brother Oliver (1807-1877), he amassed a large fortune.
  • His Wail of a Protected Manufacturer voices a protest against protection as raising the cost of living; and he hjld that free trade was based on a natural right.
  • De Land, a manufacturer of Fairport, New York, and in 1887 incorporated under the name of De Land University, which was changed in 1889 to the present name, in honour of John Batterson Stetson (1830-1906), a Philadelphia manufacturer of hats, who during his life gave nearly $500,000 to the institution.
  • Thus when prices have advanced the manufacturer may find it difficult to obtain delivery of the yarn that he *had bought at low rates, for some spinners have a curious, indefensible preference for delivering their higherpriced orders; and, on the other hand, when prices have fallen the manufacturer sometimes ceases to take delivery of the highpriced yarn and actually purchases afresh for his needs.
  • Usually the manufacturer sells either directly or through an agent to a merchant who sells again to the shopkeeper, but the last twenty or thirty years have seen a considerable development of more direct dealing.

What's another word for manufacturer?

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